There are two parts to this topic, and the first part will explain the ramifications of living in the digital world, with the Internet, intelligent cities, and the Internet. The second part will explain the reflection of what I gained.

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Internet of Things (IoT) means the fast-expanding network of interconnected objects capable of collecting and exchanging data using integrated sensors. You may, for example, check your Apple watch for public transportation or weather forecast. IoT’s business, medical, education, and social impacts.

More than half the worldwide population uses the internet, as per the report we are social. It is undoubtedly…

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Before I decide how to prepare for my teaching career, let’s review and reflect!

This semester is the same as the previous semester. Due to the epidemic, the school has been adopting online courses. However, compared with last semester, I am much more proficient in the learning mode of online courses, and I am more familiar with how to use the online resources provided by the teacher. The disadvantage is that my time management ability will still need to be improved.

Because I want to be a teacher in the future, I found a part-time job as a tutor this…

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Self-confidence, as the name suggests, is a state of mind that one believes that one’s ideals will surely be realized.

I am not a very self-confident person. Whether in life or in my study and work, in many occasions, I will always be over-tensioned due to my lack of self-confidence. But for me who want to be a teacher in the future, self-confidence is essential. If I am not confident and dare not speak in class, how can I teach knowledge to students? In addition, the professional confidence of teachers is significant for teaching process. …

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Uber Eats is a subsidiary of Uber, specializes in online food delivery. Starting from online ride-hailing, Uber has an excellent digital media platform with a wide range of App registered users, which becomes the basis for Uber Eats to develop its business. Today, Uber Eats is one of the largest food delivery platforms in the world.

Uber Eats and Digital Media

When Nike was founded in 1972, it was a little-known newcomer to the sporting goods world. Now, people all over the world who love sports and pursue fashion are going crazy for this little hook. As the world’s largest sporting goods brand, Nike has used the Internet to promote its unique brand image since 2006. Nike put the focus of brand image promotion on online marketing media like Facebook, Twitter, Nike+, Instagram, and achieved extraordinary success.

Cater to target customers

The main breakthrough point for Nike to expand the market is the youth market. Aiming at this characteristic of young consumers, Nike sports “star…

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